NWIMT Policies

Board Approved Policies 
Policy 2008-01
Travel and Training Authorization (Word)
Policy 2008-02
Determination of Annual Rate Schedule Policy, including current rate schedule (Word)
Policy 2008-03
Deployment Authorization (Word)
Board General Materials
2008 Approved Budget
NWIMT 2008 Budget - (Excel)
NWIMT Purchase Request - as of July 2008

Purchase request form (Excel)

Board Decisions - History
General Board Decisions - made during team formation:

May 22, 2006 - Adopted Working budget for 2006

May 22, 2006 - Initial Funding Model - Other government entities including special districts to be charged fixed fees based on annual operating budgets as follows:  
     Level A=$250 Budget < $1M
     Level B=$500 Budget < $4M
     Level C=$1000 Budget to $10M
     Level D=$1500 Budget to $10M+
May 11, 2006 - Initial Funding model - City and County members and tribal agencies will be assessed $.05 per capita.  Use State OFM Model used for allocation of selected state revenues - updated April 1st of each year.  Fee to be pro-rated to full months of the year for mid-year enrollment.

January 2006 - Elected Interim officers

December 2005 - Agreement that NWIMT assets would be available to all public entities of the 5-County region, regardless of whether those agencies sign on as members

Board Decisions regarding Team formation and composition:

May 22, 2006 - NWIMT Team members must be employed by signatory agencies of Interlocal.  Additionally, qualified volunteers may be registered as emergency workers under a local emergency management organization and then may be assigned to the team

March 2006 - Tod Gates, City of Lynnwood - Accepted by board for position of Incident Commander

Feb/March 2006 - Board accepted working group recommendation that additional potential NWIMT members participate in training and then subsequently submit applications for team assignments.